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Serving each domestic and corporate business is an extensive level of corporate support. Guard Security, Financial, Logistics, Maintenance, Human resources and marketing teams provide a foundation for service excellence to our clients. The experienced Senior Management team provides the leadership to deliver top quality service today while driving the innovation to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Customers are the lifeblood of our business. Pendrax Security strives to provide high-quality services, to give us the competitive edge that keeps our customers coming back time and again. As our customers are increasingly operating countrywide, we will elevate to the level where every customer everywhere in the country will feel the full potentials of Pendrax Security (SL) Ltd each time they interact with us.

One of our foremost strength is our adequate logistical support ranging but not limited to our operations vehicles, motorbikes, communication equipment and most essentially our response time which is incredibly accurate over the years. And for this core reason, we have been counted amongst equals by standing tall to maintaining high standards which is our guiding principle.

Static and Perimeter Guards (Corporate/Residential)

This is an integral part of our company. We train static guards to an incredibly high level of operational proficiency and professionalism. All our guards are exquisitely presentable in every respect, thereby giving your organization the professional profiling it deserves. Due to the high level of theft, this service is very popular as it gives our clients peace of mind to know they are protected by us.

Background Screening

Small businesses, as well as large corporations, must protect themselves from dishonest employees and occupational uncertainties. Employers lose billions each year due to dishonesty, theft, violence, and accidents. We conduct comprehensive background investigations to aid and support investment and employers.


We investigate and gather intelligence information according to our clients required needs. Whether it is for protection from illegal activity or to prevent liability, Pendrax will aid in making your business a success.

Executive and Personal Security

The close protection operative of Pendrax Security provides experienced and discreet personal security for executives and high profile individuals. You can always count on our vigilance, forthrightness, fortitude discreetness and honesty and professionalism.

Maintenance Services

With a team of qualified Engineer and Mechanics, we offer maintenance services for all types of generators, Air Conditioners, and equipment.

Receptionist Services

These are highly trained security guards that have demonstrated added qualities and can communicate fluently in the English Language and have proven occupational etiquettes in their respect.

Fuel Supply & Logistics

There are two main forms of logistics in operations; Just In Time which can be defined as Reactive. Just in Case which can be defined as Proactive. For the benefit of our clients most of whom have a high consumption of fuel, Pendrax Security has adopted the Just In Case which means we always make available to our Clients regardless of location, the quantity that is always required at the right time ensuring the continuity of their core business.

Security Systems

We supply, install, maintain and monitor CCTV, fire detection, panic and theft alarm systems for all types of properties. Monitoring is done from our control room. There is a Rapid Response Team at all times for any eventualities. Alarms are fitted with back up batteries should power cut occur. Panic alarms coupled with an armed response within a given period of time are also available on request.